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Published : 17/02/2015 08:54:44
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 With February drawing to a close we can start to look forward to spring and wedding season. While many of you will be dusting off your glad rags and finding the perfect hat, be brides-to-be will be perfecting the small albeit significant details to their big day. If you happen to be one of the ladies being hitched this year, then you are in luck. Angel's Face has devoted this week to weddings on all our social media platforms meaning we are going to be providing you with all the essential infomation to make your big day, stress free!  



 On your Wedding Day: don't worry, be yonce! 

1. Keep children entertained

 Wedding days are magical, there's no question about it, but they are also very long, especially for little ones. It should be up on your list of priorities to keep them entertained. With a fully equiped kids table, children will be on their best behavior, allowing mum and dad to let their hair down and celebrate with you. The quick sure way to guarantee a smile on all children's faces? Sweets. And I'm not just talking a big bowl of sweets, dress them up to seem almost like a party bag! Displaying the sweets in mason jars with labels (centre image) or even just dressing up plastic sleeves to look like them (right image) will not only make the children feel special but it will also add to the decor of your wedding! Activities are also an important element to keeping children entertained. They don't have to be expensive and can be quick and simple to organise. We suggest popping down to your local craft supplier and purchasing coloured card for place settings. Providing plenty of crayons will allow the place settings to be coloured in, entertaining children. You can even expand the idea to door hangers (use this link as a template to cut the card to the correct size) which the children can then take away with them. 


2. Cheap Center Pieces


This is an area where money can be easily saved. Instead of going for expensive flowers, which lets face it, will have been been done before, go for a truely original idea by getting crafty. Collecting odd glasses before your wedding and then going for the minimalistic look of one flower per vase (or bottle) can give a truly chic look to your tables. Spray painting them gold will give them a more uniform look and they will perfectly go with clean lines and a white interior (try peonies for a very luxurious look). If you're going for a more rustic vibe - think a summer wedding in the countryside, try our trusty friend, the mason jar! These can be bought in bulk online or you can collect your old jam and marmalade jars. Fill these with wild flowers for a truly magical vibe. Finally over ordered on the wine glasses? Even if you haven't turning a wine glass upside down to use as a candle holder gives a very sophisticated evening look for your wedding. Placing these on a mirrored plate will make the center piece look instantly expenisve!

3. Pastels and Ruffles

For flower girls, going for soft material will ensure the utmost comfort for little ones. Angel's Face tulle dresses and skirts come in a number of styles and colours giving you plenty of options. Opting for ruffles and layers of soft tulle for little flower girls will look adorable and the volumous element to the skirts will make them very apt for the occasion! We think our pastel collection is perfect for a spring/summer wedding! And why just stick to one colour for your flower girls and bridesmaids? A mix of colours will give a cotton candy, sweet as sugar look to your procession 



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