Trotters turns 25!

Published : 28/09/2015 10:22:04
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We love a party at Angel's Face, so when we recieved our invite to Trotter's 25th Birthday Party in Duke of York's square,

to say we were excited was an understatement! 

And we were not dissappointed - it was like walking into a party of our dreams!

With everything from a carosel and farm animals to competitions and a food market - we were in heaven. 

Check out the photos from our day out below. 

Our tutus were looking full and fabulous at the event!



We were spoiled with a lot of goodies at the party- there were even Angel's Face skirts up for grabs, which our lovely PR company Silks had organised!


We caught up with Katie from Silks who had helped organise the event



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