NEW Neon colours for 2015!

Published : 12/01/2015 08:43:52
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NEW for 2015 is the Angel's Face Neon Collection! With tutus and prom dresses coming in either a vibrant pink or a vivid orange, your little angel can brighten up even the darkest winter day in style! 

There are many ways you can style our latest addition to our tutu collection - however I would recommend teaming them with a darker palette to give a modern twist to the classic tutu. 

Orange and Silvers? A match made in heaven! 


Teamed with our anthracite t-shirts or grey cardis, the tutus can take on a modern edge, while our glitter pumps in Dusty Lavander ensure the look remains girly and not too grown up! 




Also fitting in perfectly with our up and coming loungewear collection, your little one can go for both comfort and style.Soft velour teamed with the  ruffles and frills of a vibrant skirt. Check our website out next week for the launch of our loungewear



AVAILABLE from our Website here. 



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