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Published : 11/02/2015 08:51:52
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Half Term - absolute bliss for little ones, a little more tricky for parents. While its lovely having some time with your angels, it can be difficult to know what to do with them in the February half-term. The weather is cold and wet meaning a lot of activities are restircted to indoors. But never fear- Angel's Face is on hand to help keep your little ones entertained with our week guide, while maintaining minimum stress for you! 


Monday - Get Crafty!


Kick your week off by getting crafty! Arts and crafts are an important activity for little ones. Its a way for them to express themselves and can help children's confidence. It doesn't have to be messy - a still life drawing class with pencils can be just as entertaining as finger painting if it involves drawing their favourite toy. Make sure you have a good supply of pencils and paper! This maybe a little frustrating for younger children, so why not get crafty with these melty crayon pictures. All you need are a set of crayons (hopefully not too valuable to anyone as these are going to be melted down!), a couple of small canvases - available from hobbycraft or any other art supplier, and a hairdryer! 



Here are the steps to follow:

1. Prepare the area by covering surfaces - we used sheets of cardboard but plastic sheets will also do! Wax is difficult to remove so this step is vital.

2. Glue the crayons to the canvas - we have used a glue gun, but PVA glue can also work.

3. Once this has dried, start using the hairdryer on the hot setting to melt the wax. 

4. Make sure to angle the hairdryer downwards to get the best drippy effect. 

5. Wait for it to dry and display is proudly!


Tuesday -  Make your own Disco

Perfect for wearing out your little ones, a make your own disco is a fun way to keep them entertained. Invite a couple of their friends over, and let them dress up for the occassion! Our tutus are perfect for swirling and twirling in so we recommend dressing up in one of them! Be the belle of the ball in one of our ballroom dresses or go for a funky look with neon! Turn the lights out and decortate a room with fairylights - we think these ones are fab, but really any will do! 



 Argos - 15 pounds

 Get the little ones involved in the decorating - they will enjoy getting creative to make the perfect atmosphere. Try placing tin foil behind the fairylights to create an extra reflection, making the lights brighter! Balloons are also a cheap but effective way to make a room ready for a party. Make a bar serving juices and fizzy drinks and a playlist full of all their favourite songs. They will love dressing up and having a dance around!

A tutu + diamantes + balloons = the perfect party look!


Wednesday - Throw a Tea Party 


For the ultimate girly afternoon, why not put together a glamourous and vintage inspired afternoon tea? Here at Angel's Face, we are massive fans of cakes and tea so if your little ones are anything like us, this activity will be perfect. Make cupcakes (try our recipe for tutu cupcakes here!) and finger sandwiches and drink pink lemonade out of tea cups! Decorate the table with flowers and a cake stand for the ultimate girly vibe!


 Vintage ruffles and cupcakes - a match made in heaven! 


Thursday - Have aTeddy Bear's Picnic

Although its great to do this outside, who said you couldn't do it inside?! This activity requires minimal effort. All you need is a blanket, a handful of your little one's favourite soft toys and some yummy snacks (we recommend carrot sticks and dip, crisps, finger sandwiches, biscuits and perhaps the cupcakes from the day befoe if ). This can be done even with just one child, and offers them the perfect opportunity for some imaginative games with their favourite toys! Don't forget to dress your teddies for the occasion with our dolls skirts!


 Tutus are perfect attire for the occasion!

Friday - Put on a Fashion Show

It may be rainy outside, but you can transform your living room into Paris Fashion Week! This is pretty much just an ordinary game of dress up with an extra glamourous twist! Avoid making a mess by organising before the 'show' what your little angels are going to wear, avoiding the chaos of a usual dress up game. Get them twirling and swirling to music walking up the catwalk. For the catwalk just create an aisle by using a trail of fairylight either side (if you've already planned a disco, you can re-use the same lights!) Put some music one and clap while they show you their creative looks (perhaps featuring one of our very own tutus!?) . This activity, like the crafty activities mentioned before, is really good for children's confidence as everyone gets their turn in the limelight. 

Get your little ones to line up so everyone has a chance to twirl! 


 Saturday - Go for a Winter Walk


Yes its cold out there, but fresh air is good for you and if you try and keep children cooped inside for a whole week, the likelihood is they either get very hyper and over exctied or bored, neither of which parents want to be dealing with. So wrap up warm, put on your wellies and go on a winter adventure, perhaps inviting other members of the family (including dogs!). Even if all it involves doing is visiting your local park, splashing in the puddles or playing I spy, makes an ordinary walk very entertaining. The fresh air and exersize will leave you and your little one revitalised and thoroughly worn out but happy for getting out of the house! 

 Tutu's add that perfect twist to a winter walk! 


Sunday - Make a Den 


If you want some down time, why not make reading a book or watching a movie more entertaining by creating a den for your little ones to hide out in. This can be created with a few bed sheets and chairs. You can follow the instructions from this website - we think it works really well! Fill the den up with pillows, duvets and cushions to make it really snug and perhaps use the fairy lights from earlier in the week to make it extra girly! Its the perfect way to wind down on a Sunday, and the perfect opportunity for you to relax with a cuppa before the school run tomorrow!



Kit out a den, fit for a princess! 

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