Behind the scenes: Spring Summer 2019

Published : 25/02/2019 12:23:04
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With Spring just around the corner now, we are gradually launching our new collection in preparation for the warmer weather ahead. In this blog post we’ll be looking back on how and where this marvelous collection full of detail, texture and bursting with colour came to life.

After months of hard work, drawings, prints and 100’s of fabric swatches, in June 2018 Keely (owner and designer of Angel’s Face) finally completed the Spring Summer 2019 collection, which only meant one thing- it was time for an Angel’s Face photoshoot! Many moodboards and weeks of planning later, the team set off to the sunny island of Mallorca where we set up a studio and enjoyed some sun, sand and sea (and tutus of course!)


Once we arrived in Mallorca and settled down, it was time to explore the area. We made our way to the beach where we scouted out the best areas and found hidden gems which made the perfect backdrops!

Day 1: The creative team set off to the beach at the brink of daylight to capture the gorgeous Mallorcan sunrise. The soft low light bounced off the crystal-clear water as our striking new collection of aqua pineapple swimwear blended into the colour of the morning sky. The models played in the sand and became tutu fairies with magic wands as they wore our new swimwear with the matching neon tutu.


After a few hours on the beach and sand dunes we headed back, taking a private track leading up to the house which became a catwalk, almost as if it was London fashion week! Our little models wearing loungewear paired with our cute summer tops strutted up the track which became the back drop for our new lounge range.

Day 2: Models arrived excited and ready to get into their first Angel’s Face outfit and take centre stage in front of the camera. Heading back out into the warm weather for our last day in Mallorca, we ventured through cactus gardens where we photographed a new vibrant daffodil yellow on lace, tulle and floaty chiffon.


We wrapped up the photoshoot in the Mallorcan sunset, many photos and outfit changes later the Spring Summer 2019 photoshoot was complete!

Comment below what you are looking forward to the most with the new range. Make sure to check out our website for new product releases.

Love Angel’s Face xx



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