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Published : 30/01/2015 08:45:44
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Seeing the new collection for the first time is always exciting, but it really comes to life at our photoshoots. Seeing the girls twirl and dance in Angel's Face tutus and dresses brings the range to life - it makes all the hard work worth it when you see how much laughter and joy our pieces bring to the models!

This was my first shoot, so I didn't know what to expect. It took place over a whole weekend and our energy levels were kept fuelled from bowls of haribos and marshmallows! The models all couldn't help but show their joy at trying on a brand new tutu - which made our job of getting them to smile in front of the camera, very easy! 

I learnt a lot from my days on the shoot, from putting together outfits, to coming up with creative ideas for photos. The high level of energy and the fun behind the scenes has made me desperate to do another photoshoot, so I thought I would share some of our Angel's Face secrets with you! 


 Here is Keely giving direction to the girls on day two of the shoot. I loved the pastel colour dresses and we decided to go with the traditional girly approach to this image, using ribbons and bunting as props. The younger girls were all a bit shy to begin with but really came to life in front of the camera. We wanted to get the idea of sisterhood and friendship across, so this is no doubt what Keely is explaining to our models!

So this picture shows what the models see. In the corner are our mood boards - just lots of photos of other photoshoots to give the the girls inspiration for poses! 

We used a lot of props on this shoot - a particular favourite among the girls was the penny boards, although these also proved to be the most dangerous! We ended up having to take quite a few shots to get the perfect image!

Little acting required: I think the fear on Trinity's face is very much real! 

Here is Amelie getting her hair ready - the bit of the whole day the girls were most excited for!

At the end of a long day the girls are still all smiles as they pose for the camera alongside our photographer - Wanda. Say cheese girls!

We are really excited to reveal our new products to you - so make sure you keep on visiting to stay updated on all the latest news and ranges! 

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