Autumn/Winter 2017 Photoshoot...Part one

Published : 31/07/2017 14:47:23
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After months of design and production, the day to photograph our Autumn/Winter 17 collection arrived. Located in the grounds of Cobham Hall School, our first location was an independent boarding school for girls in Kent. A school housed in a Tudor era manor surrounded by acres of land. The Angel’s Face team had the freedom to explore the extraordinary features of the building, and were amazed to see that every room had something different that would add to the luxurious and charming feel of the collection.

Lucky Green

Setting up our studio in the grand hall, we started shooting the first pieces of the collection. Starting off with our new bright fall colours like 'Lucky Green' that contrasted against our choice of a dark grey back drop, we shot a range of plain background images and then moved on to something a bit more atmospheric by taking full advantage of the beautiful features this house had to offer. Marble walls surrounded the grand hall and the ceilings where detailed with exquisite gold cornice, which created an elegant and festive feel for the upcoming collection.

Wings Cardigan

Along the corridor from the grand hall was an old nostalgic library with hundreds of books stacked next to each other along dark wooden shelves. We thought this was a perfect setting to create a “Back to School” theme and therefore made the most of the opportunity! We brought in old fashioned school props such as blackboards and wooden desks and featured our Satin Trim Tops, Princess Skirts, Iridescent Wings Cardigan and Charming Socks – the perfect Angel’s Face school uniform.

Denim Blue

A new shade to the Autumn/Winter collection is the Denim Blue- a stunning purple-toned blue. We really wanted to make this colour pop so when we came across a corridor lined with sunshine yellow lockers, we just had to shoot there! We love the contrast between the colours and think the results are magnificent, do you agree?

Military Coat

This season we launch our first ever range of coats, one of them being a double-breasted Military style coat which is available in three classic colours; Royal Navy, Fiery Red and Ash Grey. To capture the beauty of these coats we took the grounds of the location, where there were long pebble driveways, statues and beautiful old stone doorways. Paired with our Faux Fur Snood and winter accessories we captured enchanting photos that are perfect for the Winter season.

It was so exciting to see our second Autumn/Winter collection come to life for the first time! Being able to put items together to make beautiful seasonal outfits made the team look at each other with glee as we realised how far we have come since the previous year when we launched our first collection in 2016.

We cannot wait to hear what you think of this year’s collection! Comment below and let us know what are you hoping to see in this collection?! We would love to know.

Love Angel’s Face x

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