Angel's Face Q&A with a University Fashion Graduate

Published : 01/08/2018 09:06:08
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Angel’s Face gets to know Elizabeth, a fashion graduate from the University of Leeds who’s aim was to design a childrenswear collection to create a fresh representation of a traditional subject using a variety of our iconic Angel’s Face tutus.

Elizabeth studied at the University of Leeds, graduating in July 2018 with a BA in Textile Design. After initially applying to study Fine Art, 6 weeks into the course she felt it wasn’t for her and decided to switch to Textile Design. Before university, Elizabeth had never studied fashion or textile design, but had a huge interest in the fashion and creative industry, achieving an A* and full marks in Art & Design.

As a part of her course, Elizabeth had to design and create her own collection using the skills and knowledge learnt throughout her course. This was then to be on display at the University of Leeds.


Her collection explores the vast and varied theme of botanicals, integrated and inspired by the infamous ‘Flower Fairies’ by Ciecly Mary Barker to create experimental designs and fabrics for the niche market of children’s costumes.

Everything, minus the tutus, was handmade, knitted using a single-bed domestic knitting machine. The pieces are made up of lamb’s wool, silks and cottons.  Although the dresses look different in style, the technique remains the same, different scales, colour tones and variations of the same idea. The collection of designs are currently on display at the University of Leeds


In September Elizabeth will be starting her MA Fashion Design, hoping to continue with her passion, designing for childrenswear. Also having the intention of completing her PHD.

Angel’s Face Q&A with Elizabeth:


Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years’ time after graduating?

In five years’ time, I hope to be doing something that I love. I haven’t quite decided whether that will be working for myself and starting my own business, or to continue working for The Walt Disney Company, however I do know that whatever I end up doing fantasy, fun and most likely little dresses will probably not be far behind. 


Will you continue to make children's clothing?

Yes, I am still making dresses and costumes, in fact have just finished my 3rd order. 


What made you want to feature Angel’s Face as a part of your collection?

I featured Angel’s Face as the product was exactly what I was looking for: quality product in a multitude of colours with the volume and lift a tutu should have! 


Why do you think Angel’s Face is a good brand for children?

Angel’s Face is every little girls dream! A unique brand which presents a crossover in dressing up and everyday clothing, reminding children that if they want to dress like a princess around the supermarket, they can! 


What made you gain a passion for designing childrenswear?

I’m a big fan of never really growing up... not officially anyway. The freedom within children’s clothing is limitless, it’s fun and bright and can cultivate elements from fantasy and magic. Since I was little I always loved to dress-up, although I didn’t know it at the time, it’s something that always stuck with me. 


From our collection, do you have any piece that stand out to you and why?

The new Steffi dresses are to die for... can you please make them for adults too?! 

We really loved getting to know Elizabeth and her passion for childrenswear fashion and design. Angel’s Face are all about being yourself, creating memories and achieving your goal and that’s exactly what Elizabeth is doing. 

Let us know which one of Elizabeths designs is your favourite by commenting down below.


Love Angel’s Face x

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