8 things you need to do in the sun this weekend

Published : 17/04/2015 09:25:12
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 1. Hit the beach!

Nothing beats the English summer past time of going pink while eating fish and chips on the beach!


2. Tie Dye

This is the perfect outdoor activity for the fashionista - follow instructions here

3. Go for a swim

Take a dip in the pool in one of our fabulous swimwear pieces! Find here

4. Take a walk in the countryside

Keep your eyes peeled for all the new flowers in bloom! 

5. Do a spot of gardening 


Spring is the perfect time to plant some beautiful flowers in the garden.

6. Custimise your tutu 

Get creative to make your tutu unique - the garden is the perfect place to get messy! 

7. Have a picnic 

Dine al-fresco in the sun for that holiday feeling! 

8. Go to a fun fair! 

At this time of year, there are always plenty of fetes and fairs to visit! 

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