8 things all girls need for going back to school!

Published : 17/08/2016 10:25:52
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1. A Jazzy Pencil Case


Let’s be honest. This was the single most exciting part of going back to school. A shiny new pencil case full of new pencils, gel pens and dreams! We are completely in love with most Paperchase products, but in particular this kitten-mermaid pencil case, part of the ‘Purr-maid’ collection. Love it. Get yours here.

 2.       New Hair Accessories


It’s pretty hard to put your own spin on a school uniform but hair accessories are a great way to inject some personality into your outfit. Did you know we do our own collection – from Alice Bands to Bows and in every colour of the rainbow! Choose your favourite here.  

3.  Socks and Tights


It’s almost a ritual that as term progresses, socks disappear. So buy in bulk now to minimise the chance being stuck with only odd socks. Country Kids do a super soft collection of tights which are sure to last you, and we carry a selection here. As for socks, this season we launch our brand new collection of socks, so watch this space!

 4.    A new Bag


A new bag for a new year at school is essential. Rucksacks are the better option for practicality and if your little one is looking for street cred as well then they need look no further than the Kanken. A Swedish brand initially designed for school children, the brand is now a cult favourite. With a variety of sizes and colours available, find your perfect bag here.


5.     Lots of Pencils


Okay, a fairly obvious one, but due to the fact that similar to number 3, these always seem to go missing, they get a mention. Surely the way to ensure these don’t get lost is to invest in a set so pretty, your little one wouldn’t dare let them out of their sight? Maybe we are being optimistic, but we are looking for any excuse to nab ourselves a set of these. How pretty are they?!


6.      High Vis


It seems crazy to start thinking about nights getting longer in the middle of August, but dark evenings always seem to take us by surprise when they arrive. Getting some reflective strips for your little one is important, even if you don’t walk to school, you will feel reassured that are ready for anything. BrightKidz is a good website, offering a selection of colours designs. Shop here


 7.       School Shoes


It’s worth doing your research on school shoes. Expensive doesn’t always necessarily mean quality so shoe around. And don’t worry, just a quick browse on the internet will help. The Independent have a list of tried and tested shoes which will save time and money and NetMums forum is always a treasure trove of information.


8.       A new Lunchbox


Lunch time can be made so much more special with a pretty lunch box. With everywhere from supermarkets and stationary shops to Amazon and ASOS, theres a lot to choose from! If you are looking for inspiration for what goes inside the lunch box, pop onto pinterest and just type in 'school lunch ideas'. What comes up is nothing short of art, with most of the food arguably looking too pretty to eat!  

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