5 recipes for summer 2015

Published : 13/07/2015 10:18:43
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 We love baking - its one of our favourite ways to pass the time! 




And while we are hoping to spend lots of time outside this summer, enjoying some sun and warm weather, we also know that the Great British

summers are notoriously varied (to say the least!) 

So on the days where you may be limited to the house, why not try these fun recipes to keep your little ones entertained? 

We have put together a list of super-easy and fun recipes to bake this summer!

Don't forget to check out our exclusive Angel's Face Cupcakes recipe here. 

1. Shortbread tutus

One of our lovely fans created her very own shortbread, tutu-inspired biscuits!

Head on over to LoobyTube on YouTube for her tutorial on these delicious creations. 

2. Marshmallow Pops

These beauties have been circulating Pinterest for a while now and for obvious reason - simple but show stopping! 

We have been trawling through the internet trying to find the original recipe, however - this is prooving to be a challange.  

The most similar recipe we could find is here! We think these would be perfect for an Angel's Face-inspired birthday party

3. Victoria Sponge Cake

This classic cake is perfect for a summer picnic! So simple and easy to make, yet loved by everyone, this sponge is fun for little ones to decorate 

so they can add their own personal twist to the recipe! We made ours with raspberries and white chocolate! 

Find a great recipe here! 

4. Strawberry Yoghurt Bark 

This is the perfect healthy and easy-to-make snack - trading choclate for yoghurt and adding strawberries for the sweet hit, your kids will love

it! We found this particular recipe here, but the internet seems to offer plenty of recipes, all with slightly different ingredients!

 5. Brownies! 

In our opinion, the more choclate in a recipe, the better! Brownies are an all-round favourite and we have found a fail safe recipe for the perfect

gooey brownie!

On a side note - I recently made these Cheesecake brownies which were delicious - a very impressive bake but actually very easy - recipe


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