10 celebrities who can rock a tutu!

Published : 28/05/2015 10:17:12
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 1. Sarah Jessica Parker aka 'Carrie Bradshaw'

It would be a crime to kick-off this list with anyone else! SJP aka one of the most stylish and iconic characters of our generation, Carrie Bradshaw, was a pioneer for the most forward fashion trends and of course, was a fan of the tulle skirt! 



 2. Madonna 

 With all the various transformations Madonna has undergone in her expansive career - this one is our favourite! Madonna has added a punky twist to a classic white tutu - why not try out the look yourself? 

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

 Every 00's girl's dream wardrobe belonged to these twins - including tutus! Rocking their tulle in classic noughties style with pearls and white vest tops - this is the perfect girl-next-door look! 

4. Chloe Grace Moretz

Fashion's latest darling, Chloe Moretz knows a tutu is a good thing! Dressing it down with denim and jersey, Chloe gives the classic skirt an urban twist! 



5. Katy Perry

Pop Princess Katy Perry is a big fan of big skirts! Katy adds her own unique retro-inspired style to make her tutu her own! Get inspired with our take on Katy's look, below! 



6. Shakira

Shakira's urban, bohemian style mixed with her latina sass is hard to top! Of course she chooses to wear her tulle in neon pink! Get yours here!

7. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj's cartoon cute style means that tutus are a staple in her wardrobe! Whether she's teaming it with classic lace or going bold with bubblegum pink, Nicki is truly homing in on the tutu as a form of expression!


 8. Kiera Knightley

Keira is the epitomy of sophistication and the way she wears her tulle certainly reflects that! The muted tones she opts for reflect her love for vintage elegence! If you want a look like Kiera's try out our Snowdrop or Orchid Tulle tutus! 

9. Rihanna 


Rihanna may be a fan of the tomboy look but even she can't say no to a tutu! Mixed with some sharp tailoring, this tulle skirt has been made city chic by the star! 

10. Taylor Swift

Woman of the moment (and probably the year) Taylor Swift loves to shake it off in a tutu! If sporting one for the video to her smash hit song wasn't enough, she loves to perform to her fans in one too! 


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